Below are some balloon bundle examples that you can purchase from us. Visit our Contact Us page to make an order with us. Please also give us at least 2 weeks notice from the date of event for us to organise this with you. If the event is less than 2 weeks away, you can still contact us and we will try our best to make something work for you!

If you do not find the balloon design you are after on this page, please scroll down and send us a message with the balloon design you are after for a quote.

All of our helium filled latex balloons are treated with Hi Float in order to extend the float time! (Already included in prices below).

Birthday Bundle

From $107Combined
  • 2x Standard coloured Bouquets (6 balloons each) w/ Single Number

Colourful Bubble Bundle (Personalised)

From $106Combined
  • Contains 1x 60cm personalised clear bubble balloon, 6x standard coloured 30cm latex balloons & Tassels/Ribbon

Themed Birthday Bundle (Personalised)

  • Contains 1x Personalised foil number, 1x Jumbo Themed Foil & 5x 30cm Latex Balloons

Themed Birthday Confetti Bundle (Personalised)

$175( S A V E $ 1 0 )
  • Contains 1x 90cm confetti balloon, 1x themed 60cm bubble balloon, 1x personalised number foil

Double Jumbo Balloons

From $83Combined
  • 1x metallic orbz & 1x 60 cm latex balloon w/ Tassel

Birthday Trio Bundle (Personalised)

$143( S A V E $ 1 0 )
  • Contains 1x helium number foil, 1x personalised 60cm confetti bubble balloon, 1x 60cm coloured balloon

Orbz Balloon Bundle (Personalised)

  • Contains 1x 40cm Orbz Balloon, 3x 30cm Latex Balloons and a personalised vinyl message

Jumbo Birthday Duo Bundle (Personalised)

  • Contains 1x Personalised foil number & 1x 90 confetti latex balloon with Tassels and Floor Weight

Gender Reveal Balloon Bundle (Personalised)

From $147Combined
  • 1x 90cm Personalised Gender Reveal Balloon with confetti inside & 2x 30cm Side bundle (6 standard colours)

Mixed Birthday Bundle (Personalised)

From $141Combined
  • 1x 86cm Foil Number, 1x 60cm Personalised Clear Bubble Balloon with confetti inside & tassels & 1x 30cm Side bundle (6 standard colours)

Engagement Balloon Bundle (Personalised)

From $105Combined
  • I DO Foil Balloons

Foil Heart Bouquet

$80Per Bouquet
  • Contains x5 45cm Foil Heart balloons per Bouquet

Deluxe Foil Heart Bouquet

From $120Per bouquet
  • Contains 1x 90cm and 5x 45cm Foil heart Balloons

Deluxe TRIO Bundle (Personalised)

$150( S A V E $ 1 0 )
  • Contains 1x 60cm personalised confetti bubble balloon, 1x 90cm coloured balloon & 1x metallic orbz balloon

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